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PT. Medco Power Indonesia put the Safety of Personnel on its operation as Priority, Company have Procedures and work instruction as well as risk assessment and risk analysis in every single activity, its adopted to be safe work practices and The program of SHE procedures also as guidance for all assets and subsidiaries which is suited for the needs of each and every business unit within the respective industries. MPI committed to comply with all the prevailing laws and regulations as well as being in line with the national and international best practices.

MPI places a strong emphasis on active participation among all employees to be aware of safety issues. The commitment of the Company to safety at work should be fully understood by each and every employee as part of their responsibility to their work. As such, any deviation may be anticipated as early as possible. The efforts are facilitated through campaign, billboard and magazine as well as through regular forum where employees can share knowledge and experience each other among organizations. Any deviation may be anticipated as early as possible. Incident and Accident prevention program must be conducted to avoid any risk associated in its operation. All unplanned event might be happen must be investigated to find out root cause to prevent similar occurrence in the future.

The safety of personnel and its operations will also ensure the safety of company . With ISO and OHSAS standards, we believe that this system provides a strong foundation upon which MPI can grow its businesses in the future.


PT. Medco Power Indonesia believes that a healthy working environment can improve operational efficiency and productivity. Our commitment to these efforts can be seen from the policy signed by Management and implemented in corporate, assets and subsidiary. Its proven that a health aspect is important to increase the company productivity.

A high standard of health procedures such as system and method to achieve a healthy working condition, healthy working environment and also health mitigation is provided as well as regular medical check-up and well trained personnel on medical and first aid as part of our operational can be founds as preventive measures to avoid unplanned even uncontrolled.

The improvement of healthy working environment is encouraged by company day by day and all employee have right to deserve to good and healthy working condition.


PT. Medco Power Indonesia endeavors to undertake its businesses in a safe manner to respect and care for the environment and to preserve the physical resources of the as well as environmental preservation ,pollution prevention and hazardous material awareness on the surrounding areas where the Company operates.

The company also places an emphasis on enhancing efforts to maintain the balance of the environment where we operate. The Company also strives to manage its activities with reasonable assurances of minimize damage to the environment and preventive environmental incidents program is put in place on its operations and maintains its facilities responsibly. We always respond promptly and effectively if there is any emergency or incident in our business activities. In addition, we will continue to improve our understanding of the environmental impacts affected by our business, improve ways to protect our environment, and increase our abilities to align our production activities with nature, as well as undertake accurate tests and evaluations on our business activities in order to measure the progress and ensure compliance to statutory laws on environmental protection. The Company always makes sure that it conducts its operations by adhering to national and international best practices in environmental protection and conservation. A number of regulations include the Analysis on Environmental Impact (AMDAL) as well as compliance with all related National and Local government legislation, statutory requirements and other regulations.


PT. Medco Power Indonesia, own and operate the Gas Turbines and Gas Engines power plants which the emission is very low and generate power with clean energy and in addition of our gas fueled power plants, The Company also have green energy projects which define our direction and vision to renewable energy an energy generated from natural resources such as hydroelectricity/mini hydro and geothermal heat which are renewable (naturally replenished).

The Company planned to build and operate the mini hydro power plants in various places in Central Java and Sulawesi, its shown the commitment of company to green technology that produces power to the country without affected to the environment.

Together with its consortium, PT. Medco Power Indonesia has been awarded to build and operate the Sarulla geothermal project in North Sumatra and Ijen in East Java. Indonesia Geothermal resources offers renewable and sustainable energy because the hot water used in the geothermal process can be re-injected into the ground to produce more steam. as part of the world's ring of fire, Indonesia has large potential in geothermal resources.

Renewable energy technologies is the future energy which demanded by nation to ensure the national development will not affected to the environment, The company is committed to build more Clean and Green Energy Power Plant as part of core business of the company.